OFN220-FR-1590-85 AC

Modular optical CATV Node

  • FTTB node for Docsis 3.1 applications
  • 1 Fibre
  • Forward RX 1540..1560 nm
  • 1x Return Path TX 1590 nm + 3 dBm
  • Return laser tunable to 4 channels
  • AGC
  • Optical In -8/-7/-6/-5 .. +0 dBm
  • 108 dBµV
  • EQ and ATT electronical setting
  • Forward path 110 MHz -1218 MHz
  • Return path 5 - 85 MHz
  • Optical Connector: 1x SC/APC
  • Mains Power 150 -250 VAC

EAN-Code: 4026187199128 | Order number: 00212178

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Type of Node Modular Node
Data / CATV CATV only
Return path With return path
Power supplie(s) One PSU

Related keywords: 212178, optical Node, Fibre Node, DOCSIS Node, 1590 nm

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