Social responsibility

We are proud to contribute to good causes

We are committed to social responsibility and we work closely with non-profit organisations such as "Die Kette e.V." in Bergisch Gladbach which helps to place people with disabilities in regular jobs.

Supporting social projects is important to us. Our apprentices regularly take part in "Apprentice Social Day" and make a very valuable contribution to social projects in the region. Furthermore, we do not send Christmas gifts to customers and prefer to support local initiatives and associations.

Our social commitment - a selection of the last two years:

ASTRO is very happy to support the youth of the basketball club "Bergische Löwen" with its Christmas donation this year. Each player received his desired shirt with the corresponding shirt number which put all players directly into the NBA mode.

The "Bergische Löwen" team was founded in 2015 from the basketball departments of "TV Bensberg", "TV Herkenrath" and "TV Hoffnungsthal". The aim is to promote youth work in the competitive and popular sports.

We are pleased to be able to contribute to joyful faces and successful games!

Trainee Social Day

On September 19, 2019, our five trainees Alina, Jan, Johanna, Kevin, Kiran and Ramona, from all three training years, were once again actively involved in the Trainee Social Day. For a whole day, they made their manual and creative skills available in social projects and charitable institutions in the region.

Their tasks included repairing children's bicycles, accompanying dementia patients on excursions and gardening in day-care centres in the region.

Kiran provided for beaming faces in the Friedrich-Fröbel school in Moitzfeld, Johanna beautified the garden of the Kita Villa Löwenzahn in Rösrath, Alina experienced heartfelt gratitude from the Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) in Bergisch Gladbach and Jan and Kevin made the Bethanien Children's Village in Refrath mobile again

"Thanks to all who made this day possible for us. We will gladly participate again next year!"
(all trainees, ASTRO)

Also this year ASTRO supports, as already in 2017, with its Christmas donation the charitable relief organisation AFRICACHILD E.V. with its headquarters in Augsburg.

The social projects Africachild Village, Bridge, Fieldwork, Education, School and Farming have the aim to help children, young women and mothers in Ethiopia and Kenya, who are threatened by poverty and exclusion, to lead a self-determined, safe, happy and dignified life. Because the philosophy of AFRICACHILD is based on the unity of mother and child, as children can only fully develop their personality with closeness, warmth and love.

We are happy to support this approach because we at ASTRO are convinced that a healthy and happy future can only be achieved on a solid, family basis.

Azubi Social Day

On 20 September 2018 the third Trainee-Social-Day took place in Bergisch Gladbach, nearby Cologne. The more than 90 trainees, showed energetic involvement in social projects and companies in the Oberbergischer Kreis.

In accordance with the motto of the initiative "In/du/strie Azubis engagiert" (In/du/strie Trainees engaged), also the six ASTRO trainees from all three trainee-years spend a whole day in offering their manual and creative skills in non-profit facilities.

There has bee a wide range of social activities. Ramona, for example (in the second year of training) spent one day at the "Skarabäus Novo e.V.", a department store for used goods in Bergisch Gladbach. She worked together with the scarab team in the outside area of this facility. Johanna (first year of training) spent a day at the family centre in Odenthal, a kindergarten with 60 Children aged one to six years. Together with the children and the Educators she worked in the outdoor area to make this place more beautiful. Jan (second year of training) was allowed to spend his Social Day at the "Fundus" facility in Overath. He was allowed to work creatively in the "Fundus"-Team to create pictures from old books or lucky charms from wood.

Also the other three ASTRO trainees (Alina, Lena and Rafael) experienced a Social Day full of new impressions in various institutions. They were happy to participate and are already looking forward to the next Trainee-Social-Day!

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