For us, protection of the environment means acting in a way that is ecologically and economically responsible

We are happy to taken on this great responsibility

To ensure that we are well positioned with regard to environmental protection, able to react to changes and to constantly monitor our actions, we have defined particular areas of focus:

Product & disposal policy

  • Our new products comply with EU directives regarding the avoidance of harmful substances (RoHs and REACh)
  • We work towards increasing transparency for end consumers in questions relating to disposal, for example by ensuring that old appliances are not disposed of via normal waste
  • We act in accordance with the Directive for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)
  • In addition, we have optimised our internal and external disposal logistics (with BRAMIN certificate)

Reduction of energy consumption

  • We generate some of our energy with our own photovoltaic system
  • As far as office equipment & servers are concerned, we implement measures in accordance with "Green IT"
  • Our products are designed to save energy (e.g. with appropriate switching power supplies)
  • And incidentally, wherever possible we protect the environment by holding telephone conferences rather than making business trips

Measures for hazardous substances & waste

  • We maintain a hazardous substances register with information on hazards and protective measures
  • An in-house recycling programme has been successfully set up: separation of waste and separate disposal (e.g. of solvents, paper, chemicals, mixed scrap, electrical scrap, packaging material, etc.)

Sustainable procurement

We regard the responsible use of resources as an important part of sustainable business operations – along the entire process chain.

  • Savings potential is identified by using resources more efficiently (in the areas of both product and packaging) ´
  • Lively exchange with our suppliers enables us to increase the quality and efficiency of business relationships
  • The cooperation is reviewed in regular audits and decisions are made about the future

Product durability

  • Our products – Made in Germany – are extremely durable
  • Bought-in products are subjected to continuous inspection processes to ensure they meet our ASTRO standard

Resource-conserving products

  • Products – for example the ECOswitch series – have been designed with a view to further conserving resources. Up to 40% lower power consumption protects the environment and noticeably reduces operating costs

Appropriate to the new Packaging Act (VerpackG) ASTRO Strobel conducts the complete redemption and recycling of all transport packagings via EKO-PUNKT Ltd. since 01.01.2018.

Our licence number: 218369

The sales packaging is additionally handled by „Interseroh+ – Die Recycling Allianz“ since 01.01.2023.

Our registration number: DE1250386833214

Certificate of participation in the Interseroh+ dual system (de)

According to the guideline 2002/96/EG from 27. January 2003 respective Electro- and Electronic-disposal (WEEE) and the law for bringing Electro- and Electronic-devices into circulation, retraction and environment friendly disposal from 16. March 2005 ASTRO Strobel has registered at ear.

Our WEEE-Reg.-Number: DE 24808890

Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register
Vertreten durch den Vorstand Hartmut Theusner
Benno-Strauß-Str. 5
D-90763 Fürth
Phone: +49 911 76 66 50
Fax. +49 911 76 66 599

Since July 1st, 2006, the EU-guidline "RoHS" is in effect. This guidline prohibits selling goods, inside the EU, which contain the below listed substances.

For the manufacturers and suppliers of electric and electronical devices and their components, the EU directives 2002/95/EG (directive about the restriction of use of certain hazardous materials in electronic and electronical devices) and 2002/96/EG (directive concerning electronical waste) come into force on Juli 1st 2006.

These directives - short form „RoHS“ (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and „WEEE“ (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) - rule the disposal of electronical waste and permit the selling of new devices which have lead, mercury, cadmium, chrome 6 and/or bromed flame savers (PBB, PBDE) as components.

In 2011 a photovoltaics device with 49,1 kW peak was installed on the roof of the company building. ASTRO makes it's contribution to energy revolution and accomodates sustained yield and protection of environmment.

When the european guideline 2002/96EG fürr Elektro- und Elektroaltgeräte (WEEE) 2002/95/EG refering to reduction of dangerous materials in electronic devices was introduced, the use of lead in electronic devices was permitted by law. By using Nitrogen it is possible to improve the results of soldering without using lead or other dangerous materials.
The photo shows the mounting of our Nitrogen tank.

By participating in the GLS KlimaProtect program, ASTRO sets an example for sustainable and future-proof parcel logistics and thus makes a valuable, active contribution to climate protection as well as to improving the company's own environmental balance.

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