OFN210-FR-1310-65 AC

Modular optical CATV Node

  • Fibre node for DOCSIS 3.1 specification
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • High RF output level usable for MDU or larger coax network
  • Return Path with OBI free burst or continuous mode
  • Standard 1310 nm DFB laser in return (CWDM DFB laser optionally)
  • Flexible DS/US band with plug-in diplexer: 65/87 or 204/258 (set higher US bandwidth can be done at later)
  • Equalizer and ATT electronically adjustable
  • Frequency range forward 1218 MHz
  • Separate DS and US Fibre connection 2 x SC/APC

EAN-Code: 4026187197797 | Order number: 00212107

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Type of Node Modular Node
Data / CATV CATV only
Return path With return path
Power supplie(s) One PSU

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