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Professional SAT-IF distribution

For distribution of SAT levels   

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Application examples for SAT signal processing

QAM BOX eco module with connection to a set-top box with DVB-C tune

Two QAM BOX eco modules cascaded with connection to a TV set with DVB-C tune

Standard satellite head-end with DVB-S(2) in QAM, DVB-S in PAL and DVB-S in FM, 32 PAL channels (encrypted & FTA), 24 QAM channels, 16 FM channels

  • dynamic NIT processing with U 953
  • LNB current monitoring integrated in U 911
  • Remote supply of the U 901 via up to 2 HF outputs of the V 16 base unit
  • redundant power supply of all active components (optional for V 16) for highest
  • Operational safety

Conversion of satellite signals into IP multicast groups: 16 x DVB-S2 to ASI and 16 x ASI to IP

  • Multiservice Descrambling: Decrambling of several services from one transponder with suitable CAM / Smartcard
  • RTP and FEC enable secure IP-based data transmission with error correction at the receiving end

Compact satellite head-end with DVB-S(2) to QAM, DVB-S in PAL, 32 PAL channels (FTA), 32 QAM channels, passive combining

  • compact, flexible signal conditioning
  • expandable with additional base devices or further satellite positions
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