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Signal converters U 100 series

IP head-end concept for all upcoming requirements   

Modules of the U 100 series

The ASTRO IP head-end modules handle all output signals distributed in standard CATV networks: QAM, PAL, COFDM and FM. Based on the proven Direct Digital ® system, all the signal converters provide outstanding parameters. For generating IP signals, different types of IP streamers are available. These are equipped with DVB-S2 or DVB-C/T2 frontends and offer high signal density.

IP front end included

One special feature of the signal converters is the inclusion of the IP frontend in each slide-in module. Consequently, each module has its own independent IP receiver unit and operates separately from the other modules inside the base unit. In this way, it is possible to limit any failure of an IP frontend to only a single module, meaning that the effects of an error are far less serious compared to a system which has only a single IP interface shared by all the signal converters.

Easy front panel operation

Configuration kept safe on SD card

System parameters are stored on SD card. If the signal converter must be replaced, the SD card plugged into the old module can now be inserted in the new module, allowing the previous configuration to be automatically migrated. Thanks to this feature, the spare equipment can be set in operation quickly on site without any need for service staff to reconfigure the system.

Configuration kept safe on SD card
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