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Base units U 100 series

Carrier Class Technology - modular IP head-end solutions   

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Why choose the U 100 series?

A modular built IP head-end concept for any demand

The U 100 Edge series has been developed on the basis of many years of experience gained from the operation of IP head-ends for processing CATV signals from IP data streams. The series is based on a hardware model which is completely new from the ground up. The experience, gained in major IP content over IP projects, enabled ASTRO to consider operating conditions in large IP backbone networks. Thus, in addition to outstanding transmission parameters, the U 100 series also offers sophisticated redundancy and replacement switching mechanisms to reach the greatest possible signal performance availability..

Easy configuration / operation

  • user friendly configuration via web browser
  • no proprietary software needed for managing the system
  • consistant menu structure of configuration interface for each module
  • LEDs indicate operation and errors on each module

High end Performance

  • three plug-in modules per 19 inch height provide high signal density
  • signal converters offer outstanding signal parameters by Direct Digital ®
  • low power consumption per channel

Easy installation

  • easy mounting of the base unit in 19 inch cabinets
  • passive backplane enables a quick exchange of the signal converters
  • all active components integrated into the signal converters
  • wiring remains unaffected, even if different types of converters will be used

Maximum reliability

  • redundant power supply
  • short down-time in case of malfunction: every module has redundant network interfaces for network management and data connection
  • effective redundancy switching options in case of link failure, source failure or device failure
  • 2 data ports per signal converter
  • IGMPv3, RTP and FEC without additional license fees

Easy service handling

  • HOT SWAP service
  • compact design allows easy spare part handling
  • Log file output via web interface
  • Remote access to your U 100 head-end by ASTRO support tea
A modular built IP head-end concept
U 100 series
Status display for slots

U 100 base units

The U 100 base unit serves as the chassis for the various signal converters, providing space for three signal converters and two power supply units within a single rack unit. Each slot is equipped with a temperature-controlled fan and the replaceable rear panel offers two management and two data ports as well as the output of the CATV signals via two F sockets.

The U 100-SNT ECO power supply unit

The U 100-SNT power supply is required to operate the U 100-230 base unit. Minimum one power supply is needed, while two U 100-SNT enable a redundant supply of the base unit and are recommended to avoid signal loss due to mains power failures.

Base unit for 48 V power supply

The U 100 base unit is also available for -48 V DC power supply. In this case the redundant power supply can be provided by a battery system or any other 48 V power supply unit and no further power supply units are needed inside the U 100-48 base unit.

U 100-SNT ECO power supply unit
Base unit for 48 V power supply

U 960 combining network

For distribution of input signals ASTRO offers a 19 inch rack device with individual mounting subject to customer request. It is available with 16 or 28 inputs and can be assembled with 2-way, 3-way, 4-way or 8-way splitter.

U 960 Combining Netzwerk
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