U 224-48 AC 3

24-channel IP / PAL signal converter

  • IP/PAL signal converter
  • 24 x IP-Multicast to 3 x 8 PAL output channels
  • 19" housing, one rack unit
  • AC3 sound, WSS, teletext, VPS, ticker insertion
  • RTP, FEC, IGMPv3, MPEG4 H.264/AVC Level 4.1
  • HD to SD downscaling
  • redundant power supply 2 x (36 - 72 VDC)
  • Web Browser configuration, SNMP surveillance

EAN-Code: 4026187196851 | Order number: 00380229

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Related keywords: 380229; Signal converter IP to PAL, EdgePAL, Edge PAL, IPPAL, IPtoPAL

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