HV 433

Universal broadband amplifier

  • Broadband amplifier with active 65 MHz return path
  • high modulation of the return path for operational safety even with multi-channel load
  • Input attenuation adjustable via pad
  • Equalizer in input adjustable via pad
  • Interstage Slope pluggable in advance
  • Interstage attenuation pluggable in advance
  • Damping in return path adjustable via pad
  • Interstage slope in the return path 3 dB fixed
  • Measuring points in input and output
  • Pre-amplification 41.5 dB
  • Output level Pre-way 108 dBµV
  • Gain return path 32 dB
  • Output level return path 114 dBµV (7 carriers in RW each 6 MHz / 64 QAM)
  • Attenuation pads Pre-attenuation 0 - 15 dB
  • Equalizer pads Pre-path 0 - 15 dB
  • Attenuation pads return path 0 - 15 dB
  • 20 dB Measuring points in input and output
  • Unitymedia certified, type class single amplifier 13-18 WE

EAN-Code: 4026187195779 | Order number: 00217423

Amplifier series HV series
Local or remote powered Local powered
Frequency range up to 1006 MHz
Gain > 39 dB
Output level (linear) 106 - 110 dBµV
Approval network operator Unitymedia

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