ACX 1041

Wideband LNB

  • Wideband LNB for use with the optical transmitter SBF TX 1310 and the Single-cable Converters SEV 581, 582, 584, 588, 984, 988, 1784 and 1788 as well as the wideband to quatro cdonverter SEV WQ
  • horizontal and vertical band on one oscillator frequency
  • Oscillator frequency 10.41 GHz
  • suitable for AMS / SAM multiswitches via the Wideband Quatro converter SEV WQ
  • 40 mm LNB mounting
  • all LNC of the ACX series are verifyed for the use with ASP and AST parabolic reflectors

EAN-Code: 4026187240714 | Order number: 00310141

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