AMS 550 K ECOswitch

Premium SAT-IF amplifier

  • locally fed SAT IF amplifier for 4 SAT levels + terrestrial
  • separate level control and skew equalizer for each SAT input DC
  • Bypass function for LNB supply selectable
  • also suitable as cascade amplifier
  • stand-by function
  • terrestrial input passive (5 - 862 MHz), or switchable FM active (87.5 - 108 MHz) for direct connection of an antenna
  • energy-saving switching power supply, in stand-by only 0.5 W power consumption
  • LED control lamp for output current monitoring (short-circuit proof)
  • 5 terminating resistors FUR 75 DC prof included
  • Operation exclusively in the AMS 5 Ecoswitch cascade
  • Standby evaluation via V/L

EAN-Code: 4026187141257 | Order number: 00360556

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