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We want to create actively the basic economical an ecological conditions for our branch with our engagement in several associations. Because only the combined measures of all market participants are able to form a transparent market for the consumer as well as a a technological reliability for the manufacturers.

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The satellite reception system  is the future. But for many consumers technical options, the variety of programmes and the product range are still intransparent.

A guidepost would be helpful -  the AG SAT will help you.
ASTRO is one of the founders of the AG SAT.

AG-SAT means:

  • Products which are easy to use and guarantee high technology
  • Competent partners which keep ready proprietary articles for every customer´s wish
  • Technical service as complete, quick and friendly customer service with qualified installations and maintaining

Satellitenempfang e.V.

c/o ZVEI
Stresemannallee 19
D-60596 Frankfurt/ Main

Phone: +49 911-3 777 900
Fax: +49 911- 3 777 901


Fred Hübner
Herbert Strobel


The ANGA, Association of Private Network Operators incorporated society, is the biggest fusion of operators of broadband networks in Germany.

More than half of all German households with TV, get their TV-programmes via broadband networks. The offer of cable TV expands about new services, particularly  high speed internet accesses.

These combined network operators supply about  6 mio. subscribers in Germany. Beside the house distribution systems (level 4), the member companies operate a continous increasing number of integrated networks, which are provided self-sufficient with private head end stations.

Members of this association are several companies of adjunctive branches. From the business of satellite networks, the production of cables and amplifiers to the production of digital set top boxes - consequently the whole chain of sevices of the broadband communication is represented.

Verband Privater Kabelnetzbetreiber e.V.

Nibelungenweg 2
D-50996 Köln

Phone: 0221 / 390 900-0  
Fax: 0221 / 390 900-99 

Deutsches Institut für Breitbandkommunikation
Deutsches Institut für Breitbandkommunikation GmbH
Hohenerxlebener Straße 19
D-39418 Staßfurt

The umbrella organisation electrotechnology- and electronic industry (ZVEI) incorporated society, represents the economical, technological and environmental interests of the German electrical industry on the national, European and international level. It informs about the economical, technological and judicial basic conditions for the electrical industry in Germany.

The ZVEI supports the development and the employment of modern technologies by proposals about research, technology, environmental protection, education and science. It encourages a market oriented, international standardisation.

The basis of the activities of the association is the exchange of experiences and opinions between the members about current technological, economical, judicial and sociopolitical issues all around the electronic industry. Herefrom collective positions are eleborated.

The members of this organisation use this lead of knowledge to improve their competitiveness.

Elektrotechnik- und
Elektronikindustrie e.V.

Stresemannallee 19
(Eing. Schreyerstraße)
D-60596 Frankfurt/Main
Phone: +49 69/63 02-0
Fax: +49 69/63 02-3 17

The leading satellite system for the direct receipt of TV and radio programmes in Europe.
ASTRA Deutschland GmbH
Betastraße 1-10
Haus B
D-85774 Unterföhring

Since 25 years Eutelsat already has a great influence over the commercial satellite communication.

Eutelsat Services und Beteiligungen GmbH
Im Mediapark 6
D-50670 Köln


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