Variable and constant bit rate

CBR available in ASTRO license portfolio

There are several programs on a transponder. Since transponder usage is very expensive, they have maximum data rates that are shared by all stations.

Variable bit rate versus constant bit rate

The digital image process is based on compression, which is of course more complex for moving images than for still images. In video, the raw data signals are compressed simultaneously to control the data rate optimally. For example, a sports event with a lot of motion can easily have a high bit rate, whereas a commentary with one person speaking and with only one perspective can have a very low bit rate.

Transponders that output IP via SPTS in this way have a variable bit rate (VBR) in the direct transmission.

Now there may be products that can only work with a constant bit rate (CBR) in the input. This maximum data rate is output in any case. If the maximum data rate is not utilized in the case of moving images with a low bit rate, compensation then takes place with so-called 0 packets.

Constant bit rate handled by the U 149-X Streamer from ASTRO

In this way, a constant bit rate can be achieved permanently.

The U 149-X streamer has the option to output CBR in the license program.

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