Licenses as a service

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Licenses as a service from ASTRO

The streamers of the ASTRO headend series can now be individually upgraded with many extended function options via licenses. This allows system solutions to be designed even more precisely according to customer requirements.

The current streamers of the U 14x-X and U 16x-X series can be upgraded for SSL functionality, for example. This provides security by means of encrypted communication via https. Furthermore, the activation of the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security) can be useful. This is the successor of SSL and thus a more advanced protocol of layer 5 of the ISO/OSI layer model.

The RADIUS license is used to enable the RADIUS client-server protocol for central authentication of the U devices.

The transmission of only one program in a transport stream, (Single Program Transport Stream) SPTS but also several programs (Multi Program Transport Streams) MPTS can now be easily ordered per device type via software license and thus ensure that video and audio are encapsulated either in single program or multi-program MPEG transport streams in suitable IP packets.

The MUX license for the multiplex function enables an input signal to be selected from a large number of inputs for transmission and switched through to the output.

Carrier monitoring
Carrier monitoring means that if the input signals deviate from the reference value, the corresponding IP Tx is switched off. This is ideal for IP-based satellite monitoring systems. This is a fully automatic system for various satellite signals, which guarantees interference-free quality and service.

The Blindscan license ensures that a streamer detects missing, added and changed transponders in the spectrum by means of a reference scan. The scan range is configurable in terms of frequency and symbol rate.

Basic interoperable scrambling system

The BISS function (Basic Interoperable Scrambling System) is used to scramble satellite signals for transmission, receive, decode and further process scrambled streams. Decoding is done globally for the complete transport stream or service-based separately for each program.

Wide band mode for ASTRO Streamer

Wideband Mode
Wideband mode enables reception of DVB-S2X transponders with 200 Mbit/s maximum data rate. For efficient transmission of UHD programs, stronger modulation types with very high symbol rates can be used.

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