Wideband mode in ASTRO streamers

Wideband mode in ASTRO streamers

The ASTRO streamers of the U-series now cover a further field of application: Besides the conversion of DVB-S2 into IP MPTS for cable network operators and DVB-S2 into IP SPTS for IPTV and hospitality applications with focus on high signal density, the new hardware and firmware has now been extended by the so-called Wideband Mode for DVB-S2X in IP.

In the new Wideband-Mode the frontends receive extremely broadband transponders with a user data rate of up to 200 Mbit/s. This feature is particularly interesting for broadcasters who have to decode and process temporarily transmitted signals from the DSNG ("OB truck") in the CO (Central Office). Standard transponders quickly reach their capacity limits, especially when transmitting UHD programmes. For efficient transmission, stronger modulation types with high symbol rates are then used. These transponders can now be decoded and converted with the ASTRO Streamer U 149-X.

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