IP to QAM - EdgeQAM module U 159-S with simulcrypt

U 159-S Scrambling Feature
U 159-S Scrambling Feature

In addition to the well-known features such as modulation of up to 64 QAM channels, multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS to new QAM channels and various redundancy mechanisms, the U 159-S now also offers the possibility of encrypting the generated transport streams. This feature is used by network operators who feed their input data streams separately and these streams are coded with different encryption systems.

Since it is unreasonable to expect the end user to operate many different encryption systems for the TV programme, but the rights holders insist on encryption of the content, the content must first be decrypted separately in the head-end station and then centrally encrypted in the QAM modulator before being played out to the end user. The U 159-S offers the possibility of so-called simulcrypt, i.e. the simultaneous encryption of content with different encryption systems.

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