Quality and security

Being a system provider for innovative High-Tech-Communication the brand ASTRO stands for high quality products and first class sevice. Quality is the highest prority in everything we do. Practically this means: In development, production and sales - our demand for quality is supported by every employee.

Every process in development and production is supervised annually by the german TÜV. It's our constant ambition to optimize these processes to increase customer satisfaction.

The fulfillment of highest security standards for electrical devices is ensured by an approbation of the German VDE. But furthermore it's our ambition to offer our customers maximum security in using ASTRO products. Aber auch darüber hinaus ist es unser Bestreben, den Nutzern unserer Produkte maximale Sicherheit bei deren Verwendung zu bieten. For example plastic parts are manufactured from flame resistant material and electrical devices are run through a high voltage test.

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ISO Certification - annually performed examination
You can download the ISO Certification in PDF format. Please use the download link in the right column!
In March 1998 ASTRO was certified by TÜV Rheinland/Berlin-Brandenburg for development, construction, production, sales and after sales management of antenna-, CATV-, satellite recption- and distribution-systems accordingd DIN EN ISO 9001:1994.
VDE Approbation - approved device security

The Institute for testing and certification at the german VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik) is worldwide reknown for testing electronic devices. Approbations of the VDE are significant especially for the european market. At ASTRO the testing of electronic devices by the VDE is self-evident.





Class A - we show the difference

Broadband cable network, Satelite rception or in house distribution network - the performance of each facility can only be as good as it's weakest component. Just one inefficient part can reduce the quality of reception significally. Class A is the reliable solution for satisfying modern demands. It's a solution that ensures the successful use of digital services of the future. Class A defines a quality standard that is first class worldwide.

Fllame resistant plastics

To minimize the danger of fire in buildings ASTRO uses flame tesistant plastics in production.






3 kV test - the high voltage security check

The high voltage test is the most importnat procedure at any security check of electrical devices and of course it is part of the security check at ASTRO.





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