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Every day we at ASTRO give our best for you - in all teams, whether in development, production, sales or administration. Because our goal is to provide the best products and system solutions for our customers.

Customer Service / Planning Department / Product Management / Training / Technical Sales

left to right:

Markus Schlautmann
Head of Product Management
Phone: +49 2204 405-134

Andrej Kronschnabel
Technical Sales / Product Management
Phone: +49 2204 405-132

Michael Jennings
Customer Service / Planning Department
Phone: +49 2204 405-143

Gero Schmitz-Weiß
Customer Service / Planning Department
Phone: +49 2204 405-146

Sales Support

left to right:

David Krüger
Head of Sales Support
Phone: +49 2204 405-136

Nicole Reddmann
Sales Support
Phone: +49 2204 405-169

Fabiane Ingrisch
Sales Support
Phone: +49 2204 405-135

Ramona Raedig
Sales Support
Phone: +49 2204 405-141

Management Board

left to right:

Ralf Schmitz
CTO – Chief Technical Officer
Phone: +49 2204 405-221

Stefan Vorderwülbecke
CFO – Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +49 2204 405-166

Wolfgang Mintrop
CSO – Chief Sales Officer
Phone: +49 2204 405-133

Herbert Strobel
Managing Director - CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +49 2204 405-117

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