ASTRO supports social aid projects

Instead of spreading christmas gifts ASTRO supports social organisations financially in conducting projects. We want to lead by example through social commitment hopeffully matching your aims too.

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2017: Africachild e.V.

As in 2015, ASTRO once again supports the charitable aid organization AFRICACHILD E.V. based in Augsburg, with its Christmas donation. This aid agency takes care for children and adolescents for more than 15 years, especially young mothers and their children in Kenya and Ethiopia.

The target group of vulnerable children, young women and mothers in Ethiopia and Kenya are often affected by hardship and marginalization. Therefore the organization would like to lead them to a self-determined, safe, happy and dignified life. The philosophy of AFRICACHILD is based on the unity of mother and child, because children can develop their personality only with closeness, warmth and love.

We are very happy to support this, because we from ASTRO are also convinced that a person´s healthy and happy future will succeed only on a solid personal family relationship.




2017: Support for the youth Basketball Team „Bergische Löwen“

This year ASTRO supports the youth Basketball Team „Bergische Löwen“. This sports club was founded two years ago as a merger of “TV Bensberg”, “TV Herkenrath” and “TV Hoffnungsthal”. The target is to support the regional youth and mass sports development.

ASTRO is proud to promote this with this year’s donation. The youth team is happy to get new Basketball Shirts. Go Bergische Löwen! Go!





2016: Children's home Bensberg

This year ASTRO supports a children's home in Bensberg. This organisation takes care of children and helps them to live in satisfaction and happiness. But the allowance for nursing care is too little to enable more activities than the basic services. Furthermore the building needs a lot of replacements and renovation.




2015: Africachild e.V. - Building project Suaheli

This year ASTRO supports the aid organisation Africachild e.V in Augsburg. This organisation takes care of children and adolescents in Kenya and Ethiopia for more than 15 years now.




2014: Building project of FC Bensberg

This year ASTRO supports the football club FC Bensberg in building a new club house.





2013: Deutscher Kinderhospizverein

This year ASTRO supports the Deutscher Kinderhospizverein. This organisation accompanies children and teenagers with life-shortening deseases.






2012: Project "Plan B"

This year ASTRO supports a projekt for integration of young adults suffering from psychic deseases into society.





2011: Housing project for teenagers with psychological impartmentsendliche

This year ASTRO supports an organisation for youth welfare service in Refrath-Kippekausen.





2010: Theater project "Mach mit"

ASTRO supports the qualifying and mediation project "Mach mit".