U 159-S

Signal converter IP to QAM

  • Plug-in module for U 100 base unit
  • for converting up to 64 IP Gigabit Ethernet multicast groups into 64 standard QAM channels
  • QAM channels are led out in 64 freely configurable channels
  • Multiplexing - combination of QAM channels from different input signals possible
  • Scrambling for encryption of the QAM channels (with license upgrade)
  • outstanding signal parameters through Direct Digital Technology
  • Annex A & C, RTP, FEC, IGMPv3
  • EIT and SDT processing
  • integrated cross-module NIT and LCN processing, even without the use of the U 100-C

EAN-Code: 4026187198794 | Order number: 00380269

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IP signal processing IP to QAM converter